How to Apply Fake Eyelashes add much to your beauty. The long dense eye lashes make you the beauty of dreams. Some have genetically long curly dense eye lashes but it’s very rarely. So to compensate this there are fake eye lashes available in the market. In order to find the eye lashes which suits to you is the confusing matter. Some are extra long, some are dense.


There are many brightly colored styles, long, dramatic, separates and strips. So there is wide range for selection. It is great fun to apply the false eye lashes while going for some occasion and every day change of the lashes of different styles. But just to remember to choose the color which matches to the color of your original eye lashes and when applied give the natural look.



How to Apply Fake Eyelashes Kinds:

There are two kinds of eye lashes the individual clumps and the strip of eye lashes. The individual eye lashes contain the small clumps with two or three lashes in each section. These are applied at the outer edge of the upper eye lids and then to inward.



How to Apply Fake Eyelashes APPLICATION OF THE EYE LASHES;

To apply the eye lashes is the great fun, for their application an adhesive tube is required. Some have adhering strip which is attached to the lashes which is removed and the lashes are stacked with the original ones. But if this is not available the adhesive glue to be taken with the eye lashes.



The eye lashes to be adhered are pasted with the help of tweezers not by the hand. It is necessary from hygienic point of view as well as for the neatness in its application.

First to apply the glue to the lash and allow it to set on the lash and then before it get to be dried it is pasted on the original eye lash.



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