The state of West Bengal has always taken pride in its culture which is evident through the cuisine, art and craft, music and lifestyle of people living here. The attires and the jewellery items also reflect the tradition of Bengal. And gold is one of the most prominent metals used for carving jewellery items of Bengal. Weddings and other occasions are the best places where you can see a huge array of Bengali jewellery of latest as well as antique designs. This is because Bengalis believe that prosperity and happiness thrives ingold. Bengali brides wear a lot of gold especially during the marriage ceremony and continue to wear some of them all through their lives. Here is a list of 25 exquisite designs that you can find in Bengali jewellery pieces.

While not all the jewellery items in the Bengali culture are made from gold, majority jewels feature gold in them. There are others that are made from ivory, silver and other lesser known metals for jewellery.

Gold Bangle with Wax Filling:

 This particular gold based bangle is unique as it is filled with wax. Gold is mostly soft and highly malleable in nature. The wax is added to provide extra strength and durability to the bangle. Married Bengali women wear these bangles on daily basis to maintain tradition. It is known as ‘Gaala bhora bala’ in Bengali.

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